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2XU High-Performance Athletic Clothing

When you are at the gym and want to perform, you need high-performance garments that can support you. Today we write to recommend you of 2XU which are engineered garments, with technology too.

2XU Compression

The world’s most advanced compression technology, a phrase that the brand touts about quite a bit, is said to be sported by some of the glove’s top champs and sport educators. With less friction and better compression you can “train longer, perform stronger and recover faster.” 

How does this technology work exactly? Well by increasing a person’s circulation through better clothing design, it allows muscles to be contained better and reduce “muscle vibration”. Some of these terms may seem new to the mass market but have scientific backing.

Major athletes utilize this technology to optimize their performance in training and when it actually counts whether that is a race, a major event or virtually anything.

60 Countries Strong

You can find this technology in over 60 countries from the top athletes all over. I haven’t checked it out yet but may have to get my own soon! Performance clothing is easier to wear and feels so good on your skin!

Also if you have a personal trainer, it is easier for them to see your muscles as they are being activated.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below and definitely get your own!


Perhaps the best thing about this athletic clothing company is their HeartNotHype marketing campaign. They tout that their technology actually helps  your heart through exercise. Exercise physiologist and former Navy Seals man extraordinaire is the one behind this awesome product. They now even have an ultimate performance training camp which is perfect for those up and coming athletes that want to excel and get to the top!  Check out the 2xu.com/heart page which has a new film, and you can respond with your own video. If you share your own response and entry on social media and encourage others to do the same you may be able to win access into this competition! Make sure you are in a participating country such as USA, Australia and the United Kingdom.

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