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The 3 Best Storyline for the BCS National Championship Game


Vizio BCS National Championship – Florida State (#1) vs Auburn (#2) – January 6, 2014

When you visit WagerSolutions.com, you will notice that the betting for the 2014 BCS college football championship game is in full swing. This is the last championship game before the new playoff system is introduced next season, so this marks a sort of monumental moment in college football history. As we move closer to the big day, the bookmaker software is taking bets and the college football media is asking questions.

How much better can this season get for Jameis Winston?

Few college football players have had the kind of year that Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is having. Off the field, he has been at the center of a sexual assault controversy that seems to be buried for now, but it could come back to get him when it comes time for the draft.

On the field, he has led the Florida State Seminoles to the championship game and has become only the second freshman in history to win the Heisman Trophy. But Winston could do that one better and become the only freshman in college football history to win the Heisman Trophy and the national championship in the same season.

What does Auburn need to do to stay competitive in this game?

When you look at the stats that Auburn has accumulated this season, it makes you wonder how the team even made it to the championship game. The Auburn offense has the 116th ranked passing game in the country and the 66th ranked defense. This is the team that is supposed to put up points against the Florida State defense while keeping Jameis Winston in check? The reason that Auburn is in this game is its week 12 win over Alabama, plain and simple. Winning the SEC championship over Missouri sealed the deal, but the Tigers are not even in this discussion without that win over Alabama. But now, after Auburn was given the second seed and a spot in this game, it makes college football fans wonder if Auburn really has what it takes to beat Florida State.

If Winston wins this game, how much longer will he play college football?

Johnny Football decided to enter the NFL draft after his sophomore season and Manziel has not had nearly the level of team success that Jameis Winston is already experiencing. We all know that the national championship game will be crawling with NFL scouts and professional sports agents, but will it matter? Jameis Winston needs at least two more years of the college experience before he can hope to compete at the NFL level. His lack of maturity dictates that he at least consider staying in college until his junior year. But if Winston and Florida State manages to win this game and then have another great season in 2014, then this could just be a stepping stone to a professional career for Jameis Winston.


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