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3 New NBA Head Coaches That Will Fail In Their New Jobs


This year’s new crop of NBA coaches should make for an interesting year. There are no fewer than eight new coaches without prior head coaching experience. For some of these freshmen times will be hard and for others the transition will be a little smoother. What makes a great coaching hire? Well that question has been debated for quite some time, and the truth is there really isn’t a concrete answer. The NBA has seen great college coaches fail, great assistant coaches fail, and great players fail. See Magic Johnson. Picking the right candidate for an NBA head coaching job can be a difficult task, but it has to be someone well respected in the basketball community. Getting pros to listen isn’t always an easy task. Here is a list of some new coaches that will have their hands full in the upcoming season. Get sports betting bookie software, find out more information at www.evodp.com.

Brad Stevens, Boston Celtics: Brad Stevens had a magnificent run as the head coach of the Butler Bulldogs. He led the mid major program to two straight NCAA finals appearances only to lose both in heartbreaking fashion. So how good of a coach is Stevens? He’s a great coach but unfortunately for him the Celtics are far from being a great team. Boston has sent a clear message to their fans that they are rebuilding, by sending Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries. Odds are stacked against Boston to make the playoffs. While I’m sure the players will respond positively to Stevens it will take them some time to adjust after playing under Doc Rivers for so long. Hopefully for Stevens the Celtics give him some leeway because this year is gonna be rough.

Steve Clifford, Charlotte Bobcats: Steve Clifford has the experience and pedigree to be a head coach in the NBA. He is a journeyman assistant coach who has 12 years of experience under several different teams including the Knicks, Magic, Rockets and Lakers. While he has experienced his share of success both on the college level and on the pro level as an assistant, coaching the Charlotte Bobcats is no easy task. Charlotte is one of the worst teams in the NBA and signs point to them being one of the worst teams again this year. On paper the Bobcats just don’t have much to offer, but with the expectations being set low again this year maybe Clifford can stick around long enough to see the rebuilding process happen. Clifford is being set up to fail   and that’s one thing that Charlotte is always good at.

Micheal Malone, Sacramento Kings: NBA head coaches often fall under two categories, ex players fresh out of retirement and long time assistants. Malone falls under the long time assistant category and while he has had some success the Sacramento Kings are still in a rebuilding process right now. They have done a good job of acquiring some good young talent drafting highly touted players such as Ben McLemore and Demarcus Cousins. Malone will have to turn this young team into a well tuned unit and that could be a long process. I wish Malone luck but turning the Kings into a winner soon won’t be easy.

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