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4 Quarterbacks On The Hot Seat For 2013

Consistency is the hallmark of any NFL hall of famer. It’s what separates the superstars from the all time greats. The NFL has humbled many great talents and the physical nature of the game makes it harder than most sports to maintain longevity. In certain sports such as basketball a superstar can remain at the top of his game for many years because injuries are less frequent and you are able to create offense on your own. In football especially with running backs and quarterbacks it’s easy to slip, because you rely so heavily on your teammates and on staying injury free. The landscape of the NFL can change in a heartbeat, and this year there are some big name quarterbacks that are on the hot seat. For some of these guys this may be their last chance to retain their roles as starter for their respective teams. Here are four guys who will really feel the heat this year if they don’t step it up. Check out PayPerHead.com’s pay per head bookie or betting agent services at payperhead.com.

Mark Sanchez, New York Jets: Mark Sanchez is feeling the heat from just about everybody. He has been called out by the media and by teammates for his inability to win games for the Jets. If Rex Ryan didn’t have a tattoo of his wife with a Sanchez jersey on, chances are his 13 touchdowns and 18 interceptions would have had him sidelined a long time ago. His pricey contract only complicates matters worse, but the Jets have drafted QB Geno Smith who will give Sanchez a run for his money if he doesn’t smarten up.

Mark Sanchez

Micheal Vick, Philadelphia Eagles: Micheal Vick who is known for his lightning fast speed is now 33 and has helped turn the Eagles into one of the NFL’s biggest disappointments. The Eagles bragged and boasted about their talented squad but the last two years they haven’t had much to show for it. Vick is now in the midst of a minor quarterback controversy with the Eagles who are refusing to announce their starter for week 1 of the regular season. Nick Foles is no superstar but he has proven that he has good decision making ability and if Vick doesn’t turn back the clock he may lose his job to Foles as the Eagles starter.

Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo is one of those guys you wanna root for even if you hate the Cowboys. He is a polarizing figure who always seems to put up good numbers during the regular season but always seems to fall short in clutch situations. Watching Romo is frustrating for Cowboy fans who can see his potential but are always waiting for him to choke the big game away. Romo is a good regular season performer but that’s not good enough in a big market like Dallas.


Philip River, San Diego Chargers: From 2006 to 2009 the Chargers and Philip Rivers looked like they were the best team in their division making the playoffs in four straight seasons. Then something happened they started to choke. Rivers will be entering his 12th season and hasn’t been to the postseason since 2009. At the age of 31 many people believe he is starting to decline. He is losing his status as an elite quarterback, and if things don’t change in a hurry San Diego might want to part ways in favor of a rebuild.

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