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Become One With The Sound Using JBL Powered Yurbuds

High Tech Headphones With JBL Power But

Want’t to immerse yourself in a whole new level of sound? Then it is time to invest in a quality audio experience, if you haven’t already! Listening to music is so rooted in many of the moments of our life whether celebration, reflection, relaxing, or any other emotion. These earbuds are specifically made for sports and being active. They are shaped in a special way that helps to keep them in your ear, and also keeps your ear close to the sound.

Leap Wireless

Leap Wireless Feature Boosts Performance Sound

This high-tech earphone brand has many different options and some can also help you stay wired in, without the wires. Wireless sound means you don’t have to ever get tangled in your cords again while running or in the middle of your favorite craft. Coming in the $99 range the wireless feature is a must-have and still affordable. For those who are looking for a high-quality sound but willing to sacrifice the wireless functionality, you can totally go for the $30 models that are still meant for athletes and high-performance.

Endurance 100-400 Series

Tangle Free Earphones – YES PLEASE!!!

Perhaps the biggest blessing from this headphone series, is that of the Endurance line which features anti-tangle technology through the use of magnets and a 3-button microphone. That microphone part is super important to me as I use the controls to increase volume up and down all the time for music and for telephone calls and use the third button to pick up or end calls, and also to scroll through songs without having to touch my iPhone. You can actually tap twice for next song or three times for the previous song, pretty awesome… right?!?!

Ambient Sound Sport Hunting Headphones

Ambient Sound & Sweat Proof No Fall Out Version Too

Wow, as if all of this other technology didn’t make this company stand out, then this next pair of headphones will. This not only purposefully lets in ambient sound, for times when you may be in the wild or vulnerable like running at night, but also feature technology to never fall out. I don’t know exactly how it works but you can check it out above. This particular pair is only $19.99 which sounds like a pretty good deal. I never really realized until looking at this pair of headphones that maybe it is the holes in the back that let in ambient sound. There are fives holes on the back of my Apple OEM iPhone 6 headphones so now I am wondering if those are there for ambient sound. I feel like when I have headphones on I don’t really want ambient sound and like to drown everything else out and rock out, but I can totally understand the use case and need at times for it.

Perhaps more important than the ambient sound is that these are sweat proof, maybe that is why the holes are there, and also designed in a way that is supposed to never fall out or even hurt. A one size fit all doesn’t truly sound likely but then again look at Apple’s headphones working for pretty much everybody and anybody whether you are a tall pro-athlete or a short smart techy like me ;), well at least I hope I’m a little smart, right?

Anyways let us know your thoughts in the comments below, whether you are a runner or just like to enjoy your music in different settings these earphones may have something for you. Please check out the video below too so you can see the promo for them and feel the sound yourself.




ARTICLE BY: Josh Bois, CEO 2030 Ventures, Inc

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