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Bulls Guard Nate Robinson Plays Big In Game 1 Win

Bulls Guard Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson and the Chicago Bulls showed up big time list night to upset the Miami Heat and win game one of the playoff series. Robinson put the team on his back and went off last night, resulting in 27 points scored and shocking Miami Heat fans who thought the team would push the Bulls around.

The beginning of this game wasn’t very smooth for the Bulls, as the Miami Heat imposed their will on the injured team. James scored only two points in the first half but took charge in the second, scoring 24 in a flurry of jumpers and three-point plays. But the Heat couldn’t quite pull away thanks to Nate Robinson and the effort he was putting in to make sure the match stayed close.

He collided with James in the first half and found a gash on his lip that shocked him and required stitches. How did Robinson respond? He told the Chicago team doctor to “Hurry up.” The stitches went in before the end of halftime. When Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau asked Robinson to let him when he was ready to return. Robinson shot back, “I’m ready now.”

The Chicago Bulls took over in the fourth quarter with 35 points scored to close out the game against the Miami Heat. This is the same Chicago Bulls team that’s playing without Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich or Luol Deng. Although this is just one win, it’s also a message to the rest of the league not to take them lightly.


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