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College Football 2013: 3 Keys To Success For Florida

By Ricky Winnor

At www.wagersolutions.com, you will find plenty of juicy tidbits on the realm of sports betting. One substantial part of this vast landscape is college football betting, a popular pursuit in the United States that is becoming a point of focus in the summer, with the season now under two months away. The long offseason – though minimized by the frenzy of National Signing Day in the winter and then the flurry of activity of spring ball – seems more and more interminable as the years go by. The longing for football is so intense each summer, and that hunger only seems to become more acute as the middle of July arrives.


In the attempt to find out more information about college football for the upcoming season, an examination of the Florida Gators seems like one of the more fascinating case studies to dive into. The Gators were one of the more mysteriously complex and hard-to-categorize stories in the nation last year. They were an immensely successful team despite the fact that their offense markedly struggled on several occasions. This team was so adept at winning close games, even though it lacked a lot of what football pundits refer to as “style points.” Florida’s offense could barely get out of its way in a home game against a mediocre Missouri ballclub, but the Gators won because their defense was continuously able to produce turnovers, and because its special teams unit also answered the call. For the most part, Florida’s 2012 season – which ended with a Sugar Bowl appearance – was carried along by its defense and special teams. The offense came alive against Florida State and on a few other occasions, but on a regular basis, the defense and special teams saved the day.

The three keys for success in 2013 are therefore obvious on one level but more complex as you look beneath the surface. First, the offense must improve, and this means that quarterback Jeff Driskel must learn to be a more polished passer. Driskel looked so limited at times, and he has to be able to find a more natural passing rhythm in order for he and his offense to thrive. The more specific key with respect to Driskel is that he will probably have to lead a few more clutch scoring drives in the fourth quarters of games. He can’t expect to receive the help he had in 2012. Dealing with the way the 2012 season unfolded will be a challenge for Florida in 2013. The Gators can’t expect to block kicks or get turnovers in the opponent’s red zone.

The more nuanced key for Florida is to find a deep threat in the passing game. When you can hit 60-yard passes, you don’t have to worry about scoring touchdowns in the red zone. The Gators will need more of a quick-strike capability; the more their offense can hit defenses with home-run plays, the more Florida will then be able to establish a power running game between the tackles. This leads to a third key for Florida in 2013: generating three-and-outs.

Yes, turnovers and blocked kicks are ideal, but if Florida doesn’t get the same amount of sudden-change plays in its favor this season, the Gators will need to succeed the old-fashioned way: by getting opposing offenses off the field in one set of downs.

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