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College Football 2013: 3 Keys To Success For Oklahoma

By Jay Moreny

When sport betting at www.sportsbetting.ag and other betting sites, you might be coming across a lot of talk that Oklahoma is no longer pulling in top-tier talent. That chatter owns a considerable degree of legitimacy and validity.

The process of live betting at sportsbetting.ag is fraught with risk, so you have to be prudent in assessing college football teams such as the one at the University of Oklahoma. This is a brand-name program, but it’s no longer getting brand-name players, as Jordan Esco of SB Nation explained in an article from July 8. Here’s an excerpt: “As you may or may not be aware, the Daily Oklahoman (much like the rest of us) is currently feeling the effects of the offseason and as a result has been producing a list of the fifteen best Bob Stoops-era Oklahoma football players. Makes sense, right? Stoops is entering into his fifteenth year as head coach and these kind of lists have long been used to generate conversation in a time where there is little to talk about. But while listening to Sportstalk 1400 and a discussion regarding The Oklahoman’s list, an interesting question was posed. That question was how many, if any, of the players who would eventually be placed on the list (at the time of this post, they were only up to No. 13 Teddy Lehman) would be from 2008 or after? It was an interesting, albeit not necessarily fair, question to pose. I’ll address the interesting part first.

“It’s of interest to me for any number of reasons, but the most prominent being as someone who follows recruiting (probably closer than I should) there is a general consensus currently that Oklahoma is no longer landing the elite level athletes they once reeled in on a pretty regular basis. The results of which are nowhere more evident than in the struggles of this Oklahoma defense, specifically along the defensive line, both last year and with expectations of once again doing so this coming season. With respect to the ‘fairness’ of the question itself, it’s somewhat convenient in the sense that judging players from the Class of 2011 or later really doesn’t make much sense given how little opportunity they have been given to see the field. So to a certain extent you are narrowing down the size with which you have to sample from thus helping to make the point posed in the nature of the question (i.e. OU isn’t recruiting elite level talent).”

One has to come to grips with the reality that Oklahoma’s calling card during its most fruitful period – 2003 through 2008 – was the abundance of nasty, physical pass rushers. Those players just aren’t on this roster. Therefore, the biggest key is for OU’s defense to find a semblance of a pass rush and mix that with good instincts and better scheming by coaches. A group effort must minimize the defense’s weaknesses and put players in the right spots. Without a higher football IQ and better strategy from coaches, this defense will once again get torched in the Big 12.

The second key for Oklahoma is for Blake Bell, aka, “The Belldozer,” to be able to throw the ball well enough to keep opposing defenses honest. Bell has been a short-yardage and goal-line running specialist to this point in his OU career. The backup to Landry Jones now gets the keys to the Sooners’ offense, which means he’ll have to become a credible passer. The ability of Bell to throw the ball will determine how explosive OU’s offense will be, and OU will likely need to outscore most opponents, given the weakness of its defense.

The third key is for OU to find a better running game. The Sooners will need to control the ball better, enabling them to keep opposing offenses off the field. That’s Oklahoma’s path to victory in 2013.

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Jay Moreny is no stranger to the world of online sport betting, and in his blogs he continues to discuss the latest events in his favorite sports leagues. He does all his live betting at Sportsbetting.ag and highly recommends that you stop by www.sportsbetting.ag to see how many options his favorite site has to offer.

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