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Draft/Free Agency Review: Calgary Flames


Oh, what a season it was for the Calgary Flames in 2012-13. After constantly reading about their own demise through the sport betting online community, the Flames finally had to admit that they were not a Stanley Cup contender. The realization finally allowed superstar JaromeIginla and defense Jay Bouwmeester to get traded to teams that had chances at winning the Cup. Goaltender MikkaKiprusoff was also offered the chance to play for a contender, but he decided to stay in Calgary where his family was located.

You can read more information on online sports betting sites about the class move that the Calgary management pulled for its key players, but that leaves some huge holes with the current team. The Flames are officially starting over, which makes this draft and free agency period extremely important to the future of the team.

Draft review:

The Calgary Flames had eight picks in the 2013 NHL draft and they made most of those picks count. The number six pick was the highly-touted center Sean Monahan. It may take a couple of years, but he could very well be the next JaromeIginla when it comes to leadership and class in Calgary. The Flames also picked up left winger Emile Poirier as well, who could be another youngster that will make an impact for the team.

Overall, the Flames picked up players in mostly offensive positions in the draft. MikkaKiprusoff is not going to be playing in the NHL much longer, so Calgary needs to think about goaltending at some point. But the future in Calgary could be very bright with these draft picks.

Grade: A

Free agency review:

The Calgary Flames made absolutely no moves to bring anyone in during free agency. The team did re-sign wingers Greg Nemisz and Brian McGrattan to short-term deals, but nobody from anywhere else wanted to go to Calgary.

Fans have to realize that this is probably not the fault of the Calgary Flames organization. While it would have been more beneficial to give up on the team two years ago and start rebuilding then, the team tried to make the playoffs and keep fans happy. Now that Calgary is in full rebuilding mode, they will have to primarily rely on the draft and their own farm system to build the team into a winner.

The Bottom Line

Rebuilding any sports team is always a long and painful process for the organization and the fans. In Calgary, the fans can take heart in knowing that there are good people in charge of their hockey team. That is not going to make it any easier when the Flames miss the playoffs again in 2013-14, but it is the kind of solid foundation that helps an NHL franchise to get back on its feet and get competitive again.

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