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Dwight Howard, a Free Agent, Considering Several Teams…Goodbye Lakers?

Dwight Howard is considering multiple teams now that he is a free agent. Lakers are hoping for an answer sooner than later but Dwight has made it clear that he is still considering other teams. Howard, even with an off year as the Lakers had is still a prime player for a team looking to increase its talent. Howard just needs a coach that knows what to do with him and a place that makes him feel comfortable because as we all know, we haven’t quite seen that feeling from him yet with the ‘back-and-forth’ feelings while he was in Orlando and L.A.

Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard

While he was a Laker this year he had to overcome back surgery and had to take it easy for a while, yet he still managed to average 17.1 points on 57.8 shooting and had a league high of 12.4 rebounds and 2.4 blocks per contest, which shows that the 27 year old is still worth more than the average player.

The free agency will start on July 1 and according to media reports the Huston Rockets and the Dallas Mavericks are both looking to nab the superstar. Both teams actually tried to get him last year when Dwight was being traded but the Lakers won. If the Lakers still want to keep Dwight, well, they have the power of money. The 2011 collective bargaining agreement says that they are able to offer more money annually and increase the duration of his deal, if that is what he wants. They could increase his deal to five years with annual increases of 7.5% of his first year salary in a new deal which could amount to an extra $20 million which no other team could come close to.

Another thing to consider is that in the summer of 2014, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony along with a few other big names will also become free agents. Is Dwight looking to ‘stick it out’ through another season with the Lakers in hopes that they will grow bigger and better in 2014/15? In the summer of 2014, the Lakers will have only two players under contract and that is Steve Nash and Howard, if he so chooses. If Howard goes with the Rockets then they would have Howard, Asik, Harden, Parsons, and Jeremy Lin.

Howard will be asking himself in the next six weeks is whether he’s willing to endure another difficult season in LA with the prospect of rebuilding in 2014-15. If he were to choose the Rockets, they would then have, Howard, Harden, Asik, Parsons and Jeremy Lin at that point, with flexibility to further upgrade the roster.

Get ready for a summer full of Dwight talk!

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