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Keep Your Car Sporty With Cooper Tires – Now With Rebates

downloadThis post brought to you by Cooper Tire. All opinions are 100% mine.

Here at Sports News Outlet we love to keep our cars in top condition so we can enjoy them on the road, and even sometimes off the road. Often times many car entusiasts put so much energy into the interior of their car or engine area and neglect one of the most important areas… tires. Without properly maintained tires you are at risk of losing your entire car investment in an accident. All of those nice air-intakes, engine addons, exhausts and such that you may not have reported to the insurance company may not get covered in an accident.

So our reccommendation is to get yourself covered by protecting your assets as much as you can and tires are one of the ways to do that. By keeping your tires in great condition you are not risking any problems when you are handling around that awesome mountain road or potentially even worse the highway! Cooper Tires has posted some Money saving and safety tips for keeping your tires in great condition and some of them include getting them rotated often enough that they spread the wear a little bit more evenly. Perhaps the easiest and cheapest is simply just pumping them up to the right level every now and then and keeping an eye out for it. On some modern cars your interior computer will tell you if your tires are low so you have no excuse not to stop off and do it! In many circumstances you can even go to your dealer and they will do it for free depending on how nice they are and/or if your car is still under warranty!

Anyways check out the rest of the Take the Money & Ride campaign from Cooper Tires as they will give you a rebate on many of their tires depending on the model so that you can replace your tires and keep your dream ride under control and safe!

For easy access if you don’t like reading too much watch the video below!



ARTICLE BY: Josh Bois, Co-Founder Global Good Networks

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