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Lance Armstrong Granted 30 Day Extension

Lance Armstrong Granted 30 Day ExtensionLance Armstrong has been a household name for years, first as one of the world’s best cyclist and later as a hero of cancer survival but the legend now finds himself fighting for his career and his reputation. Amid charges of using performance enhancing drugs and blood transfusions to boost his performance, Armstrong filed a lawsuit against the United States Anti-Doping Agency this week in an attempt to put an end to the agencies investigation. Today the USADA has responded to the law suit by granting Armstrong a 30-day extension before he must address the charges against him. Originally Armstrong would have had to answer charges this Saturday either accepting them and likely losing his winning titles and any chance of future competition or fighting them by appearing before a panel. The USADA issued a statement that the 30 day extension will last until the court decides to dismiss the case or decides on any preliminary injunction.

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