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Buffalo Bills DE, Mario Williams Denies Being Emotionally Unstable

Mario Williams who is the defensive end for the Buffalo Bills is in a thunderstorm of personal drama being carried out on a national stage. Williams recently filed a lawsuit against his ex-fiancé, Erin Marzouki demanding that she return the $785,000 diamond engagement ring, stating that she broke off the engagement in January 2013. The lawsuit is filed with the Texas Harris County district and was filed on May 3, 2013.

Buffalo Bills DE, Mario Williams and ex-finace Erin Marzouki
Buffalo Bills DE, Mario Williams and ex-finace Erin Marzouki during happier times.

Erin Marzouki’s attorney, Tony Buzbee responded by submitting a series of text messages between Marzouki and Williams from back in November when she said their breakup happened. The text messages were submitted to show the unpredictable and “dramatic mood swings” that the NFL player had been exhibiting which, according to Marzouki had been going on for a while.

Some of the text messages:

Williams wrote: “No money in the world should leave me with suicidal thoughts.”

Williams also wrote that he took three hydrocodone’s that morning — that was the day of Buffalo’s game at New England and that he planned to take two more on the plane home.

“Why don’t you talk to someone? Clearly you’re not happy & if your takin pills that’s bad,” Marzouki wrote.

Williams apologized, and then wrote he agreed with her that he’s furious and should not have texted her in “this state.” Williams added: “I need to go back n my shell. There’s no telling what Ill do to myself at this point. I’m sry Ill disappear from now on.”

During Williams’s first public response to the text messages he said, ”Obviously it’s just a tactic to cover up the point of the whole thing,” Williams said. ”It is what it is. I could really care less. All it is (is) allegations and text messages and what not, whatever information blown out of proportion. I mean, it’s completely out of context.”

He also denied ever thinking about suicide and having an issue with pain killers. Williams explained that the painkillers he took were prescribed by the team after playing on a wrist that recently had gone through surgery. He accused Marzouki of releasing these private messages to win the lawsuit and to keep the engagement ring. He said that the messages that were released were being taken out of context and said that this is a reflection of her character. ”You sit here and text somebody who was supposed to mean this and that to you, and then this happens? No, it’s better off,” Williams said. ”So I’m glad this is actually coming out.”

After Seau and Belcher both committed suicide last year, NFL player’s mental health has been a major concern. He asked, in a statement, if she was so worried about his state of mind then why didn’t she do something then, why release these text messages now? Williams said that he doesn’t regret filing the lawsuit, and stated that he is not affected by any of the accusations.

”In my situation, dude, my skin is unbreakable,” Williams said, before pointing to the football field. ”This is all that matters to me. And that logo. So everything else about old stuff and this and that, it sounds good, but that’s the least of my worries.”

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