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Music City Bowl – 3 Best Storylines

Music City Bowl

1 –Which Team Will Care More?

At evodp.com, you can expand your range of knowledge. At the 2013 Music City Bowl, the Ole Miss Rebels and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets will try to expand their win total, but how passionate will these teams be after relatively disappointing 7-5 seasons? If Ole Miss was playing a team such as Clemson from the ACC, or if Georgia Tech was playing a team such as LSU from the Southeastern Conference, perhaps these teams would be more excited about playing a bowl game. Yet, the Rebels and Jackets are being thrown together in the same pot in Nashville, so one of them will have to find a source of motivation for this game. Ole Miss and Georgia Tech both expected to be better, so what this game really comes down to is motivation. Which team will insist on finishing the season in style? Which team will insist on performing at a higher level and not accepting mediocrity? Which team will make it a point to play with speed, precision and intensity for 60 minutes? These are clichéd notions, but in a game such as this – with both sides being unhappy with their 12-game bodies of work during the regular season – the mental side of the game really does stand out as the most important factor.

2 – Georgia Tech’s Triple Option Versus Ole Miss’ Time To Prepare For It

You always want to learn more about anything you wish to explore. Ole Miss will wind up having a full month in which to study Georgia Tech’s triple-option offense. The Yellow Jackets are really tough to prepare for on a short week, especially for opponents that are unfamiliar with them, because the triple-option offense is an intricate attack that is hard to study. Ole Miss is receiving the benefit of being able to examine this offense over the course of a full month. The Rebels can spend a lot of time in practice against this offense. The coaching staff can tell the members of the defensive unit how to read keys, shed blocks, and fill gaps to stuff the run. Ole Miss can devote plenty of time to the art of stopping the triple-option and its three main running plays: the fullback dive option, the quarterback keeper, and the quarterback pitch to the outside. These three main plays don’t even include the quick wide toss without a fullback component; the quarterback misdirection bootleg; and the dropback pass from a triple-option formation. Ole Miss’ ability to prepare for Georgia Tech’s offense could become the defining feature of this game.

3 – Bo Wallace: Good Or Bad?

When you study Ole Miss’ season and try to understand where or how it went wrong, look no further than quarterback Bo Wallace, who was erratic and undependable over the course of 12 games. If Wallace remains in a funk in this game, Georgia Tech should thrive. If Wallace cleans up his habits and plays at a high level, Ole Miss should cruise.

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