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NBA player acquisitions: The rumors

NBA player acquisitions

What with July coming to an end, it’s that time of year when every NBA team is looking for an amazing player to add to their group. Except by this point most NBA free agents worth having are already snapped up. As a result our attention has turned to the veterans on the scene, the ones whose reputations have out-lived the fresh faces and have wisdom to bring to the table. Which of these talents still on the market are worth snatching up?

Let’s take a look at the Los Angeles Clippers now your attention is stolen away from pocket fruity for now. Having acquired Lamar Odom before the last season, the two-time NBA champion made the best of his talents whenever he was given the chance to leave the bench. Averaging 20 minutes, four points, 1.7 assists and 5.9 rebounds, he’s appeared in no less than 82 games for the Clippers, although the road hasn’t been completely smooth. He had a pretty appalling 2011-12 before ending his 2013 with an exit in the first round playoffs. Still, the Clippers seem intent on giving the veteran another go, even after they’ve added the likes of Chris Paul and new coach Doc Rivers to the scene.

In other areas, Sebastian Telfair‘s nine year career has so far garnered little fanfair, but there’s enough interest from the likes of Miami Heat and New York Knicks to possibly turn this around. Marcus Camby also has a lot of interest now that he’s hit the market. ESPN New York’s Jared Zwerling claims that the Chicago Bulls, Clippers and Houston Rockets are the most likely to acquire the center for their team. Or at least, according to his Twitter page. And with all three clubs set to be a dead cert for the playoffs in 2014, Camby has some options to weigh up. Either way it’s thought the 39-year-old won’t be quitting the game for at least another two years. Where would he be keenest to finish out his career?

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