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NCAA Punishes Penn State for Sandusky Sex Abuse Scandal

The NCAA hit Penn State hard today with a series of sanctions that include $60 million in fines and the loss of 13 years of victories. The school will also not be eligible to play in the postseason games for the next four years eliminating them from the Big Ten title.

Sandusky, who was a defense coordinator at Penn State, was convicted last month on charges of sexually abusing several young boys during his time at the school and Penn State is being punished as a commission has found that several school officials as well as head coach Joe Paterno covered up the allegations for years. The school will also lose 20 scholarships a year for the next 4 years and be on probation for the next 5. The $60 million in fines will be allocated to child abuse prevention programs and to assist the victims of abuse outside of Penn State.

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