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Rodriguez Transfers to Real Madrid for $108 Million

After his astonishing World Cup performance by ex-Monaco player, James Rodriguez, he transferred to Real Madrid for a whopping $108 million. The golden boot winner of 6 goals signed a 6 year contract with the Euro super club. He is the third player Real Madrid has signed for over $100 million in recent years (the other two being Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale.) This transfer made him the 5th most expensive player in soccer behind his fellow teammates, Neymar, and Luiz Suarez. But one question still lingers in all of our minds, is he really worth all that money?

James Rodriguez says hello as he is presented to the to the Santiago Bernabeu crowd for the first time.
James Rodriguez says hello as he is presented to the to the Santiago Bernabeu crowd for the first time.

To understand Real Madrid’s logic for transfer fees, we have to look at their evaluation of the performances of the World Cup stars they’ve signed. After Brazil won the 2002 World Cup, Real Madrid immediately signed striker Ronaldo. In 2010 they signed current 2014 World Cup German winners Mesut Özil and Sami Khedira to their midfield. Just recently they singed other German midfielder Toni Kroos who helped win the Germany the World Cup and Bayern Munich their 2013 Champions League Finale. So it’s safe to say that the club has a pretty good track record of signing players.

Rodriguez scored 6 goals in the 5 games he played for Columbia. One of the goals he scored was named the goal of the tournament. He managed to capitalize on two goals in stoppage time while Columbia was ahead, which showed his stamina and determination to for his class. After joining Monaco from FC Porto in 2013 for a transfer fee of $60 million, Monaco placed second in Ligue 1, France’s top league. But he only managed 9 goals and 12 assists in over 34 appearances while playing the position of an attacking midfielder. This leads us to wonder if he is really all that well…

Understanding Real Madrid means to look at them off the pitch. With all the merchandise sold with Rodriguez’s name, this boost of sales will surely be a quick return on Real Madrid’s multi-million dollar investment. Like when David Beckham transferred to PSG, this led to sales and attention to the club even though his stats were not all that well. This transfer is not much of a gamble when it comes down to the numbers.



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