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The Future’s uncertain for Lance Armstrong

He’s been stripped of his seven Tour de France victories and forever banned from professional cycling races but Lance Armstrong plans to keep moving forward with his Lance Armstrong Foundation, the $500 million cancer charity. Armstrong’s Image lies in ruins after being found guilty of steroid use by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, who have accused Armstrong of cheating in all of his major races, but the “Livestrong” foundation says that they are going to “keep fighting for the mission” of helping those with cancer. Foundations leaders are hoping that the charity can survive Armstrong’s personal scandal and that people will remember all the good the foundation has done in the fight against cancer. “His leadership role doesn’t change. He’s the founder. He’s our biggest advocate and always will be,” said chief executive and charity president Doug Ulman. “People with cancer feel ownership of the brand. It was created for them.” The foundation celebrates its 15th anniversary next week in Austin, Texas.

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  • http://globalgoodgroup.com/ Richard Jeffries

    As if he hasn’t gone through enough as it is already. I hope the media can ease up on him!