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The Relevance of High School Sports


Erika Phyall currently works in community relations for University of Southern California Rossier School of Education’s online master’s programs. USC Rossier Online provides current teachers the opportunity to earn a mat online which teaches individuals the skills to become a teacher. Outside of work Erika enjoys networking, DIY projects, and spending time with her two dogs.

Sports are a big part of our society. The importance of high school sports is no exception, many factors contribute to teens being unhealthy and sports programs positively impact teenagers. There are a variety of benefits that school systems should consider regarding why sports programs are important for high school aged students. A few of the reasons why high school sports are so important are because of the relationship skills that are built, strong class morale, and the exercise benefits.

High school is an exciting time when students are figuring out a variety of skill sets personally, academically, and physically. Sports are a great platform for all students to come together and build a common interest together. This is also a great way for teenagers to learn acceptance and patience with each other. A student that is involved with sports learns to build healthy relationships with their coaches, teachers, classmates, as well as with the competitive team. As important as relationship building is, so is class morale.

Healthy school spirit is cultivated in a variety of different ways. From a cheer to a robust school song, this can be a big part of what adds depth to a students experience in high school. Sports is a powerful morale booster because students that are on the team and students that are not playing can all come together and be a part of something that is larger than them. School spirit is a major key for the community as well as the student body. Exercise is also a primary benefit to the need for a variety of sports programs in high schools.

Lisa Dunning, a family marriage counselor, states that when teenagers play sports they, “release endorphins which helps to decrease depression and increases energy”. Having a balanced lifestyle that includes exercise is essential for today’s student. Regular exercise through sports has many benefits that include, additional muscle tone, bone strength, and clearer skin.

It is clear that sports in high school plays a major role in the health and growth of the school. Relationship building, morale, and exercise are only a few of the benefits that can be experienced. Do you have a teenager in school? Encourage them to pick up a sport and experience some of the positive outcomes.

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