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Top-Ten Hottest Professional Athlete Daughters

I’m not sure what it is about professional athlete daughters, but some of them just come from great genes. I guess it’s the combination of great athletic prowess combined in most circumstances with an attractive wife.

All of the athletes on this list are retired as their daughters are of age, so this list tends to be a bit different. Regardless whether you remember these athletes or not, we can guarantee that they’re all hot.

We won’t stall any longer from getting you to this list, so here are the top-ten hottest professional athlete daughters.

10) Angela Rypien

It was Super Bowl 26 when the name Mark Rypien became famous. Rypien led the Washington Redskins to their third and last Super Bowl victory over the Buffalo Bills. Now, its Mark’s daughters turn to write her own football script as the quarterback for the Baltimore Charm in the Lingerie Football League.

Angela is something special to watch play and really just watch her. Her rack must bounce defenders out of the way and based on her fit body she can elude many of her tacklers.

9) Sara Kosar

Some fathers are proud to show off their daughters, but former Cleveland Browns quarterback, Bernie Kosar might not be one of those. His daughter, Sara, better known to the adult film industry as Lexxi Silver is a porn star.

But we don’t judge her profession on this list, just her hotness meter and Sara aka Lexxi makes this list. Strangely enough she has an innocent girl-next-door list, but you know she’s much more than that.

8) Gina Carano

Gina Carano became much more popular than her father Glenn who played quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. It took a beautiful wrecking machine like Gina to put women’s MMA on the map.

Gina attracted a large audience who couldn’t believe this goddess could be so violent and attacking. Her looks and figure is unusual for MMA. It’s rare to see an MMA fighter with such a healthy chest, but it didn’t seem to affect her fights. Gina’s now retired, but she will ever be in our memory.

7) Alexa Flutie

Alexa Flutie stands out from any crowd and that’s not just because she’s the daughter of legendary quarterback, Doug Flutie. Alexa is a former New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers cheerleader that shook all her goods that were gifted to her.

She’s a tall brunette with long legs and a perfect smile. Doug created many masterpiece scrambling plays on the field, but none better than his daughter Alexa.

6) Britney Calcavecchia

You might find it strange that anything this beautiful could come from former American golfer and 1989 Open Champion, Mark Calcavecchia. Mark’s daughter Britney is something special to look at.

Britney is a blonde bombshell that has a sexy look, style and a figure that makes you lust for more.

5) Brittny Gastineau

Mark Gastineau was a high energy defensive end for the New York Jets and part of the famous “New York Sack Exchange.” Mark was also famous for his sack dance and he must have been doing a lot of those outside of the football field which eventually created the stunning Brittny Gastineau.

Not surprisingly, Brittny is a model and has been featured on the E! Network with a reality series the “Gastineau Girls.” The show lasted only two seasons, but kept a nice memory of Brittny for us all.

4) Paulina Gretzky

Probably the most popular daughter of any athlete is Paulina Gretzky, the daughter of “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky. Paulina is a model and singer, but she might be most famous for her photos on social media networks.

Paulina has gotten in trouble with showcasing revealing photos of her. Unfortunately, Paulina was forced to delete those racy photos from Twitter. She has one of the nicest racks on this list with a firmly shaped body and a wild side to go with them.

3) Jasmyn Wilkins

Jasmyn Wilkins has been gifted with a lot of athletic genes from her father, Gerald Wilkins and her uncle, Dominique Wilkins, both NBA players. Jasmyn took her genes on a different path and won Miss Georgia USA 2012, eventually coming in fourth place during the Miss USA 2012 pageant.

Jasmyn has a beautiful face, smile and figure. You can’t find a flaw with her and there’s no doubt that modelling is in the cards for this knockout.

2) Bianca Gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne was always considered the bad boy of soccer during his English Premier stint during the 1980s and 90s. Well he helped to create a rebellious bad girl in Bianca. She’s been on the UK Covers of the racy magazines Loaded and Nuts.

Bianca has tried out the singing thing by giving the TV show “X Factor” in the UK a shot. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out well for Bianca, but it doesn’t matter to us. Bianca is a true beauty. Her eyes are stunning and those kahoonas, wow, they are impressive!

1)Alexandria Schlereth

I’m not sure why the hottest athlete daughters come from the lineman that battle in the trenches, but former offensive lineman Mark Schlereth’s daughter tops this list. Alexandria is an actress that can instantly capture anyone’s attention.

If acting is not in the cards, Alexandria can easily be a model and she’s done some work as in the pics above. She has a bit of exotic look with legs that can kill.

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